Episode Synopsis

Episode #Description
Moving up
Onto the Kokoda Track from camp at Bootless Bay, 5 September 1942.

What do you say to a Dying Man? p85
Ioribaiwa Ridge
Forward positions as retreating Australian Battalions pass through then retreat to Ioribaiwa then Imita.

Stand-To in the Jungle. p22
Templeton’s Crossing
Japanese advance stopped and then they retreat. Australian’s in pursuit.

Kokoda Track Prayer. p45
Field Burial. p41
Occupying Templeton’s Crossing
The Japanese made a stand at Eora Creek with Templeton’s Crossing their forward positions.

The Ultimate Leader. p34
Kokoda to Oivi
Back to Myola, then forward to Alola, Kokoda and Oivi.

Keep Smiling. p86
Fighting at Oivi, then Gona. Relieved on
4 December 1942.

Watch your Front. p30
Targets. Statistics. Reflection.

Absent Friends. p15
Return to the Kokoda Track. p47

Poetry written by Bede Tongs OAM MM. Page numbers refer to ‘Poems of an Infanteer in the Firing Line’ by Bede Tongs, published in 2011 by Nerrigundah Publishing.

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